fuel mix screw fell out

i was on the line to race and i tried to start my bike and it was alot harder and popping and the screw fell out i said screw it and i raced nothing happened but i was wondering could there be some major damages?

It was a five lap race that the laps were 2 mins long

Got first in my race and still pulled holeshot with it running like shit! ahha

It's fine. Once you're on the Main Jet, the pilot circuit doesn't do much of anything. You could possibly suck some dirt into the carb riding it that way, but lots of people lose fuelscrews while riding with no long-term effects.

thanks! well i gotta say i wasn't sucking dirt in, i was in 1st! :thumbsup:

Grats! :thumbsup:

Happenned to me too! Bike was running fine around the track until I let off the throttle and Pa-pooooow......put a sunline screw in there and forget about it.

I trail ride with a spare because mine fell out one day.

thanks guys i don't have to worry about it anymore @wb450 thats a good idea!

Yeah i was mad because i was already on the line and like a minute before my race lol!

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