Need help identifying shocks

I recently purchased a 1975 XL125. The rear shocks don't appear to be original - based on other photos I've seen online. Can any of you identify these for me?



can't answer your question, but from what I can see it appears to be super clean. I would love to see larger pictures!

They looks like newer restore shocks a bigger res pic woukd do wonders. Measure them and are they blown?

Is there a set screw or bolt on the back side? Looks to me that someone built an extension and put an OEM shock into it. Not a bad idea, wish I had thought of it myself.

Here's a link to some better photos. I'll be swapping out that front tire ASAP.

They measure approximately 14 1/2" or 13 3/4" from eyelet center to eyelet center. No, they're not blown - just curious as to what I have here.

There isn't a set screw on the back, but if it's an extension, the OEM seems to have been embedded in epoxy instead of manually fastened.

Thanks for your help!

That's definatly an extension and looks like a good job. BTW nice bike.

Thanks :-)

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