xt 600 forks on my xt 350

Hey guys,I need to replace my seals and fork boots on my xt 350.I have a complete xt 600 that has a bad engine.Can I swap the front end to my xt 350.

Steering head bearings are the same, perhaps the lock to lock of the 600 is different. What's the worst that can happen? Explosion?

I'm considering the same swap for my '93. Are the triples from an '86 xt600 a straight bolt-up? Also considered USD's from something newer. Recommendations (other than get a different bike) and insights are welcomed.

Background story: Already upgraded to a DRZ400S, but when I went to sell the xt I couldn't bring myself to part with such a solid bike for the $1000 I was being offered. Has less than 10k miles so I decided to fix it up. So far I've upgraded to 520 chain for ~$100 and a wicked headlight and fairing (real CFRP) with windscreen for $200 (ebay). Clarke tank ($190 shipped) and UNI filter ($15) also on their way. Willing to put in another 5-600 for suspension/chassis upgrades, just need guidance... Interested in a good swap out for the monoshock as well.

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