GPR question

had my bike on the stand and was sitting on it,i turned my steering damper up to 8{highest setting}i was turning the bars back and forth and noticed that as i got close to the steering stop the dampening released to completely free,does this turning right and this normal or do i need to bleed it or send it back to GPR,i cant find the manual that came with the damper so im not sure if i can bleed it or maybe it needs adjustment?any help with this would be greatly appreciated

I'm pretty sure that's part of the design. That way you don't get worn out by turning, but it will dampen an impact to an obstacle.

762SPR is correct. The dampening is for straight on - then gets progressively less as you continue to turn the bars.

cool thanks for the info,i kinda figured that it was ok as the highest setting is for higher speeds and i cant see my self turning all the way to the stop cruising in 5th gear,its also the first stabalizer ive ever owned,no high speed head shake and it works great for rocks and such when riding tightt single track

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