New to me 2005 CR250

2011-05-08_13-32-07_699.jpghonda.jpgSo i got this bike for right under 2000 last weekend.. first 2t in bout 5 years thought it was time for another one.... put an FMF gnarly and powercore 2 on it this morning cant wait to take it for a real ride next weekend2011-05-08_13-31-59_480.jpg

Looks like a clean one

nice one : )

Congrats! :thumbsup:

thanks im super excited dont know why i ever stopped ridin a 2t so much more fun

Nice bike, and sounds like you got a good deal on it.

Super sweet. Cr's rock

Nice bike I like it man, be careful.

yea i thought it was a good deal for 1900 and its still on the orginal chain and sprokets but they are almost wore out and got a fat military discount out the local honda shop for the pipe and silencer :thumbsup: ordered some boysen pro series reeds this afternoon

Don't throw away the stock reeds. They're carbon fiber, 8 petal configuration on a new cage designed by Honda. Perfect for MX or GNCC. But every bit as capable for offroading.

I've got 300 hrs/ 5 yrs on my stock reeds and all I ride is enduro and offroading. They are still as tight as the 1st day I got the bike. Starts on 1st kick always, idles as smooth as a KTM 250, and delivers the throttle very crisp like. These are some of the best quality reeds I've ever experienced.

Nice purchase!

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