cutting off reed stuffers

eric gorr suggest that you cut off the rubber reed stuffers on the 92-01 cr 250, has anyone done it and what was the difference? Mine have already been cut off but i wanted to know how it compares with them in.

explain more??? show a picture.... i cant imagine what surface you are talking about.

I'm lost?

I have a 90 cr250, and the the 3rd edition book you are referring to but I'm not sure why it is a "must" removal. Can someone please explain? Probably has to do with air mixture.


the idea is to add more volume to the reed block some more air can flow.. i did it to mine and in order for v-force reeds to fit you have to cut them off. also i use a little honda bond to make sure theres a good seal.. and now you know lol :thumbsup:

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