Hey guys, I've heard mixed thoughts on different coolants, but i want to hear what yall have to say. Is there one coolant that is above all?

Engine Ice?



+1 on EI. Is it "the best"? Depends on who you ask. Plenty of people use EG, others have to use straight water + Water Wetter depending on their racing venue. I personally would never put an OA (generaly orange) coolant in anything and WW has its issues with siloxane sliming tubing.

The safe bet (from a toxicity standpoint and still give you temperature and corrosion features) if you have kids or pets or any concern about spilling the stuff in the environment is to use a PG coolant like EI. :thumbsup:

I've just used regular prestone at a 50/50 mix. I don't race so ive never had cooling problems. I believe there is cheaper stuff than Engine Ice. Sierra, I think is the name of it. They are both propylene glycol but EI is pre-diluted. Not sure if Sierra is pre-diluted but I know it's less expensive. Whatever you run do not use it straight, you need to mix it with water. The way coolant and water works is it absorbs heat from the engine then transfers that heat to the fins in your radiator. Without water the coolant does not do as well of a job in that heat transfer part. It does not absorb heat as fast nor as much. Adding something like Water Wetter helps in the heat transfer by allowing the water to absorb heat faster and return allow it to absorb more heat as it passes over the heated engine components

Engine Ice is the best on the market - period.

Just because Siera has a similar ingredient does not mean it is the same ..... are all pizzas the same? They all have similar ingredients.

Watter wetter is not a antifreeze and I have herd of many instances of people forgetting and destroying their motor when it froze.

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engine ice all the way

a hotly debated topic

In 30 years of racing water cooled bikes, I've never had a overheating problem while using cheap generic ethylene glycol coolant, the green stuff. Use the "extended mileage" as it does not contain the silicates that may cause water pump seal failures.

yea, perhaps..

but i love the ice blue color, Dave Kimmy is a cool dude and helps riders in the sport, and I have seen 10F lower temps on the road race bikes in the same day, the next session out when we switched.. I also like the photo he used of me on his site. :thumbsup:

The best coolant for removing heat from the engine is 100% water, adding antifreeze reduces the heat carrying ability of the coolant, but does add freeze and corrosion protection. So the best cooling is distilled water with some antifreeze for corrosion protection.

For 99.9% of us 50/50 water/anti-freeze with annual changes is the easiest and cheapest solution.

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