Getting an 06 YZ250F, have a skidplate question

I'm trading my KX for an almost new '06 YZ250F and I've been looking to make it into a good woods weapon for riding in Idaho this summer. I'm planning on getting an IMS desert tank, a PMB sparky end cap, already have Cycra pro bends. The last thing I need is the skidplate and not just a glidplate.

I've been looking and I've got a question now. I really like what I hear about the Flatland plates but they only have one listed for 07+? I thought 06-09 were all almost the same, so would this one fit? Or is there some change in frame that limits this?

Im also interested in the the GYTR, this one . I can't find any other pictures or reviews of it. Anyone use it?

I'm really looking forward to this bike, can't wait to go ride it around some. :thumbsup:

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