Durelle Gel Seat or SDG seat?

I got the One Industries F-One Graphic Kit a little over a month ago from Motosport for $60. (This is the exact kit, I got one of the last two from Motosport. http://www.chaparral-racing.com/Product/one-industries-f-one-graphic-kit/028-KIT-HO262-F1.aspx?source=googlebase ) It's originally $230 so I figured why the hell not. It looks cool, I needed graphics, and the price was right. However, the kit is for a 2008 crf250r. I have a 2006 250x. I'm aware that not everything is going to line up perfectly, but I figure with a little creative scissor-work, I can make it look good :thumbsup: It came with front and rear fender graphics, radiator shroud graphics, tank graphics, number plate graphics, fork cover decals, swing arm decals and side panel graphics. It also included a seat cover, red crf250r side panels, a black number plate, and two black fork guards. (I'll be selling the side panels and number plate that came with the kit and other stock plastics on my 250x. If you want anything, email me at kanixon4@gmail.com and we can work a price out.) Anyways, I'm planning on replacing the crossbeam Honda likes to call a seat with the Durelle Gel Seat http://durelleracing.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=306 or this SDG seat http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/2/10/207/12448/DPITEM/Dirt-Bike-Motocross-Seats-SDG-USA-Replacement-Seat.aspx?SiteID=Criteo_12448&WT.mc_ID=11325

My Questions: Should I get the Durelle or the SDG seat? Which is more comfortable? Will the seat cover I got fit on either one?

All feedback is appreciated!

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My friend has 2008 250r plastics on his 05 250r

My friend has 2008 250r plastics on his 05 250r

I'm afraid I dont see your point... :thumbsup:

Oo hahah I didn't read the whole thing I was talking about your graphics saying that they should fit.

As far as I know SDG doesn't offer seats for the X models.

Actually if you select your ride, 250x is an option ... it will come as a stepped seat for $149.xx

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Well id like to order a seat this weekend. Really thought this would be a hotter topic with some good info ..

put it on the general forum and you might get some more feed back...you will probably get someone ripping on you for changing your seat,buttttt ya gotta take the good with the bad i guess lol

Might be too late respondong on this thread...I have SDG seat on my 450X and if not mistaken it is possibly interchangeable on certain years with 250X.

But I will tell you, this SDG came with the bike used and it is firm like a rock. That may be good for some that don't sit much, but I am now at an age where I sit way more than I did 10 yrs ago so seat comfort is a big thing.

thanks for the reply. But yeah I heard SDG is so-so. I'll just be getting the Durelle. Once I have the money :smirk:

I put one on my 07 CRF

It is firm but not a brick. it isn't very thick, so you will stand a lot. The shape is curved a lot on top also.

I'm happy with it.

Go to my website and you can see it on the bike. Scroll down.


Those were some beautiful bikes :smirk:

And do you think it's a big step towards better comfort as opposed to the stock seat?

No, actually I think the stock seat is more comfortable because it has more padding. It is not as good of padding as Durelle, but there is more of it.

I bought the Durelle to lower the seat height a bit in the woods.

Not knocking Durelle by any means. It is just thinner.

I have a Durelle gel seat on my X, and it's ok. The main I reason I wanted it is to lower the height of the bike. I could have just chopped my stock seat, but wanted to try the Durelle seat. It's not really that comfortable and it's wide so sometimes it feels like you can't move around on the bike.

I've had it on my bike for a few years and haven't removed it so it's not too bad :smirk:

Hmm, maybe I'll reconsider. I'm mainly looking for comfort here.. It seems like there's no great alternative. My seat is pretty damn hard. The last time I went riding I had sore butt. :smirk: I guess I'll just have to strap a pillow to the seat and look like a grandma riding! :smirk:

I haven't been able to find a very good alternative either unless you want to spend $350+ and send your seat to Renazco. I think a nice pair of padded shorts will have to suffice for now.

Ok, then I am looking for someone in Central TX to do a seat swap...preferablly someone that likes sitting on stone. I had found a tall seat for my bike the other day on eBay new for $55 delivered, but when I asked the seller some quiestions for clarity, he fessed up that it was for the seat cover only, not the whole seat...he never mentioned the word cover in his auction....grrrr

What about the Guts racing comfort seat foam? Anyone?

Gel seats are not a good idea, unless you have to have a lower seat anyway.

Get seats can cause MASSIVE chafing, which is way worse than a numb-butt.

The GUTS RACING seat kits are great. I've had several.

They offer:

Stock height

Tall height

Soft (very soft)

Medium (like a stock XR650L)

Hard (like a KTM)

I always use tall/medium

Great! That's just what i wanted/ needed to hear. I'll buy a guts seat in a couple of days here. As far as installation goes, is it a do-it-yourselfer or should i take it in somewhere? For both the foam and seat cover..

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