300lb Rider, 6.7kg rear spring enough?

Hello, I'm a big rider... I'm 6'8 300 ( only 19% body fat, before you start calling me a fat ass lol ) anyway, I ride a 08' KX450F and I'm running stock suspension, I really need to get a new suspension haha.

Anyway my main questions are, where can I find good big springs for my ride, race tech only goes to 6.7kg and I'm not sure if that's enough?

Anyone want to shed some light on the subject?

Thanks. :thumbsup:

I'm 275lbs and I have 6.7kg rear spring on my CRF450X with 52s in the forks. I think that setup would be perfect for you as it feels a tad on the stiff side for me.

i run a 6.7 on a yz250 2 stroke.geared up i,m at 280lbs.i get good sag numbers with this.

remember not to worry about free sag.just put 8 to 12mm on the actual spring preload.then if you have the rider sag you need ,the spring is good.

Okay, even with new springs I need to re-valve it right?

i would try it with springs only then come back on here with your findings/dislikes.

the STD rebound will not cope with those springs

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