Should I trade my yz250f for a yfz450? *plz help*

i am thinking of trading my 07 yz250f that has been well maintained with mods: fmf 4.1 titanium muffler, fly racing handlebars, asv clutch lever, stroker crank and piston kit, and a big bore kit (bored out to a huge 400). I bought it off of craigslist and im about 5'6" (i'm 15) and for one, it seems hard to get on, feet dont touch the ground, and this is also my FIRST dirtbike. Stupid of me to get one with so much power, this thing can get close to a 450f. I am currently not enjoying it at all cuz i cant ride it.

Now the yfz450: its an 08 yfz450 SE with fasst flexx bars, GYTR pipe, jet kit, and a blingstar bumper. But keep in mind, i am SO much better on four-wheelers than dirtbikes, i have a raptor 350, and have grown out of it. I rode my friends raptor 700 and LOVED it. i cleared all the jumps at my local track in alaska. I am hesitant about trading just because the dude i bought it from was a skilled mechanic and put on the mods on himself, and i know its a great, fast bike. I would hate to see such a great bike go. But it does require very HARD kicks to start, just because of all the upgrades.

Do you think i should trade for the yfz450 that i will love? or keep the yz250f and try to learn how to ride this powerful the expense of fun. Its a hard decision to make, i dont have alot of spare cash, and would appreciate anyone's opinions. Thanks for your time!

That is a decision you are going to have to work out by yourself. I love riding quads in the snow but hate riding bikes in the snow. One big thing to think about is the riding conditions in your area. Do they favor quads or bikes? Is there a lot of tight trails and big jumps that favor a bike? Or is there wide open areas, or sand? I know you've got snow. I loved riding quads and always wanted one of my own but I got my bike and learned how to ride it and will never go back to a quad. You can ask a 100,000 people and you'll get a 100,002 different opinions.

i only ride in summer, so i will only ride on dirt, no snow, BUT i go to beach alot and ride on sand

Well you can always sell the yz250f and buy a smaller bike. There is a third option. If it is really bored and stroked to 400cc that makes me skeptical of the engine life. But like the guy above said, this is completely up to you.

Holy crap, a 250F bored to 400 cc? I didn't know such a kit exists.

I wouldn't keep either of those rides. If I were you I'd try to find somebody to trade me for their stock bike.

Holy crap, a 250F bored to 400 cc? I didn't know such a kit exists.

That's because no such kit does exist. Its physically impossible to get 400cc out of the 250f motor. The largest that can physically be done is about 315cc with a stroker and big bore cylinder.

Someone had smoke blown up their ass on this one..sorry. But if you have a conscience, you can't sell it and be telling people it's a 400cc motor.

I think the guy meant that it runs as well as a 450.... I don't think he "said" it's a 450.

oh well the dude who sold it to me said that, haha and i already told the buyer that and he doesnt seem to care or know the difference. But anyway, i know it does have a big bore kit on it though.

why? wouldnt an upgraded, faster bike be better?

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