xr400 rust around the footpegs

G'day guys,

i got myself a 2002 xr400r a little while back and have been very happy with it. love these things but running into one of their major flaws atm! Unfortunately it's developed rust around behind the foot pegs and on 1 side it looks like it was broken and re-welded at some point in the past. I've had it looked at a workshop and it's just a matter of taking in the bare frame and they'll fix it all up. either i cut the section out and replace or try to spot weld the holes?

Question is, what can be done to ensure it doesn't rust through again? i know it's a problem with the drain holes so should we seal them up? drill more drain holes? any help would be much appreciated! Also if you've had similar work done, any pictures or description of work would be awesome too!


I did some work on my Y2K XR400 last year because of some dents and thru corrosion in spots of the frame on both sides. I bought some cold roll steel tubing with an ID similar to the OD of the frame tubes. I cut out and fashioned some patches to fit various points on the frame to reinforce the frame and cover the dents and thru corrosion holes and weak spots. Took those and the frame to a good welder and had them put on.

Then afterwards I drilled a few small entrance and exit holes in various places in the patches where I knew there would be voids between the patch and frame tube and used a syringe to inject under pressure a two part Marine epoxy called PC-11 until it came out the exit hole. This made the patched points very solid.

These were the worst of the damage.



After the patches were welded on and I filled any suspected voids(white spots are entrance/exit holes).





Primed then rattle can painted the frame. By the time it was done I think I had about $60 in the repairs.

If you decide to patch like I did, be sure to put a 45* or so camfer on the edges of the patches for welding sake.

Nice work.

That is nice work, seems like a regular issue with the xr's. Under the frame by the pegs take a lot of abuse and corrode. Then one day you fall and find your frame broken right through. Seen a few suffer this fate.

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