Rear tyre - please give me a link

Hi folks,

So, it's not that I am lazy, but I need some help and I am pressed for time.

I need to buy a rear "knobbly as possible" tyre for my sm 17" (excel I think) rim.

I can not for the life of me find something. And if I do, I am not entirely sure if it will fit properly.:thumbsup:

After a couple of suggestions, I will make up my mind, and buy one. Please include the link of the exact item (that I can buy).

Any help is appreciated.



Thanks for that, but I currently have the michilin anakee, which have similar tread, but I need offroad knobblies that will handle beach sand terrain.

try MAXXIS 6006 or Continental tck80

Thanks Jones.

I have found the following:

Maxxis M6001 Intermediate

Size: 130/90 - 17

Continental TKC 80 Twinduro Dual Sport

Size: 130/80S - 17

140/80Q - 17

150/70B - 17

What would fit. I would like to go with the maxxis as they are considerably cheaper than the contis.


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