New to Grand Junction


I have been here two weeks and have ridden some of the stuff up near the air port, found some good single track but this riding along has got to stop. A guy could get his self into a situation out there for sure. I am on vacation / looking for work. Solid Vet B rider from Minnesota. If you ride weekdays, week nights, or weekends let me know if you can show me around. I am in Grand junction, but of course a drive to Montrose, Moab, Green River is not out of the question.




How long are you going to be around GJ? I'll look you up in a week or two. I'm in AZ now but moving North soon and will be very close... While your out there check out rabbit valley. Just don't ride off any cliffs!

BTW, How warm has it been in GJ and surrounding areas recently?

Hey Eric,

I live in Cedaredge, on the southern slope of the Grand Mesa. It's northeast of Delta, which is between GJ and Montrose on Hwy 50. Most of the really awesome places, IMO, are snowed in right now. I've been riding the Smith Mountain/Peach Valley/Flat Top area. It pretty much runs from Delta to Montrose. If you go on youtube and check out "swormtours" you'll see some video of this area. It has dobies (some steep ones, too) and a lot of single track. Some of which is pretty gnarly, for me anyway. I, too, consider myself a Vet B rider.

I'm going to AZ with my wife to visit some friends and won't be back until the 18th or so. If I were you, I'd drive down to Montrose and stop in at Highland Cycles and say "Hi." to Morgan. His shop is on the north end of town. Traveling south on the 50, it'll be on the left hand side on the frontage road. You'll probably go by it first, no sweat. Just take the next left onto the frontage road and double back. While down in that area, continue south on the 50 to Main Street in Montrose. Turn left, now you're heading east. As you're just about to leave town, Davis Service Center is on the right hand side. They carry just about every dirt bike and would be another source for riding. Both of these places have maps, I believe.

Hope this info helps. I'll check back here when I get back from Zonyland.


Hey Eric,

I live in the Grand Junction area and just got back into riding after a couple of years, and I've been spending too much time riding alone as well. I know most of the area pretty well and would be glad to show you around. Let me know if you want to go for a ride sometime.


Hey guys. Anyone interested in a wednesday night ride? Meet on 27 1/4 at 4?

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