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82 Yamaha IT465 help.

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Hi all,

I just bought a really decent IT465J and need a little parts help. Looking for a good source for parts, also would really like to get a new tank...anybody have a nice used one or any repo's besides the Clarke one i've seen out there for $200+? The one on it has been plastic welded in numerous spots...any tips on restoring the blue plastics?

Also need the exhaust hangar that holds the expansion chamber to the frame at the top...tail light lens, seal and screws, and some rubber pieces. If anyone knows any other models that have interchangeable parts, please let me know.

Jesus this thing is a beast to kick over but runs like a bat outta hell!!!

Thanks for any help!!!


73 AMC Javelin

75 Bultaco Alpina

82 Yamaha IT465

06 Suzuki DR650

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i have a 175 and the blue is bad too, more then likely i will just have to get new stuff.

i did try using a torch to heat and remelt it, that works ok, should have spent more time sanding deeper first although, as there are still some stains.

think setting out is really hard on the plastic stuff .

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