KLR 650 Starter Button Issues

I have been having issues where the starter button does not work sometimes on my 07 KLR. When I move the handle bars it starts, but wiggling just the button does not always work.

Is this a simple clean the button contacts, or something else?

Before condemning the starter button, make sure the safety switch at the clutch lever is working properly, it's wiring routed properly and not being tugged on at certain bar positions.

Also check the neutral safety switch connector in front of the counter sprocket and check the side stand safety switch as well to rule all of these out.

Also, the starter switch will not function if the engine stop switch(big red 3 position switch above the starter button) is malfunctioning.

The easiest way to check if its the clutch safety switch

1. Put the transmission into neutral

2. Pull in the clutch

3. Press on the starter button and don't let up

If it turns over its not the clutch switch... release the starter button

If you hear nothing, continue on to 4 exactly as described.

4. With your finger still depressing the starter button, release the clutch lever.

If its the clutch safety switch the bike will turn over as soon as the cluth disengages..

The switch is dangerous if you leave it like that, the only way the bike will start is if the bike is in neutral and the clutch lever is disengaged. Not always the easiest maneuver to pull off after a stall in traffic. Fix it or risk being run down. Lots of post about this on KLR650.net. Very well known problem if this is your issue.

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