Jetting question for RM65 with DEP pipe

Picked up two '04 RM65's for my boys. Cleaned the carbs on both of them, the stock one with 190 main/25 pilot jets runs great. The other has a DEP pipe, 180 main/22.5 pilot and it sputters pretty much through the entire RPM range. Starts and idles great. What would you guys suggest for jetting with this pipe? I may switch the carb tonight and see if it helps. Thanks for any advice.

It's easy enough to switch the carbs, that should give you some good direction.

do a search for the team green chart for the KX65. it has all the jetting recomendations on there.

I'm not running a DEP pipe. I have a KX 65 with V-force 3's, and FMF pipe.

200 main.

2-3 position for the needle. Start in 3

27.5 pilot.

Less than 1000ft. in the 80F range. Right now I run 93octane 32:1.

In the kawi manual there are two different OEM carbs listed.

KX65 A1-A2 - uses #230 main, jet needle 5HS59, jet needle O-0, slow jet #40

KX65 A3 - uses #190 main, jet needle 5GSP68, jet needle O-0, slow jet #25

I have the A3 with pro circuit and boyesen rad valve. currently we are running #195 main, jet needle 5GSP68, jet needle O-0, slow jet #25. It sounds like the carb with the pipe is jetted pretty lean. What does the plug look like? What is position is the clip at?

We fully warm up the bike but ours also sputters when my boy first starts to ride. Before the start of a race we usually pin it a bit to help clear the engine out.

Like mentioned above I would switch the carbs to see what happens.

Thanks for the replies guys. This really is a great site. The plug on the bike does not look lean, even after a long wot pull up the road. Never got a chance to check into it last night but tonight I will try and verify what carb it has and probably order a few jets so I can play with it on the weekend.

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