I need some help; leaning too far forward.

Prefix: I just got back in to riding last august, after a 9 year absence from riding. I'm 24 years old now. Bought a used 2000 YZ 250 for cheap. I rode at a track about 6 times last year, and in the trails a handful of times. I'm not in the greatest of shape quite yet, but not a couch potato either.

About the bike: The bike came with MSR motion handlebars on Tag bar clamps with stock triple clamps. The suspension is also stock (from what the kid told me). I presume the forks have the 0.43kg/mm springs and the rear shock has a 4.8kg/mm spring. I feel that they are way too soft for me. I'm 190lbs @ 6'1" (pretty normal) and my forks bottom on big landings, sometimes the forks violently hit the bump stops. Race-tech calls for a 0.48kg/mm fork spring and 5.0kg/mm rear spring for my weight and skill level.

I have since switched to Universal triple clamps (stock offset) and bar clamps and have a Tusk Chub handlebar in the YZ Bend. Handlebars are angled so that the arms are in line with the forks. As far as if it feels any different than the MSR bar setup, i'm not so sure.

Problem: This is most pronounced going through rhythm sections of more than 2 sets of jumps. I often find myself leaning way too far forward in the air where both of my arms are perpendicular to the ground, so straight up on the bars. When this happens, my chest is positioned over the bars and lots of pressure is on my arms. This of course hinders my ability to throttle correctly and sometimes i feel like i don't have much throttle control going through rhythm sections, which is really scary!

Questions: Would going with a taller handlebar setup help move my body position back a bit? Are the springs on my bike to blame? Am i just being lazy/weak with my body position (hence, i should just concentrate on relaxing)? Has anyone else had a similar problem that i'm experiencing?

Thanks for your help.

Doesn't sound like anything is wrong. I mean you want to be in an attack position when you're dealing with certain jumps and rhythm sections are included in that. I have my head/chest over the bars all the time...

Can you have someone take a pix of you? I'm having trouble trying to find out what is wrong.

Sounds like you're in the right position to me, just support yourself a little better with your legs so there isn't so much strain on your arms!

I agree with the last two posters... sounds like your in the right position from your description. Your suspension set up or lack of probably has as much to do with your uncomfortable feeling as anything else. Get your bike resprung and time will take care of that.

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