88 XR600 rear shock settings & spring HELP

I recently got my rear shock rebuilt on my 88 XR600 and now I'm trying to dial in the preload and rebound settings. And wonder IF I need a new spring. I should have thought of that while it was off the bike and apart but hindsight is always 20/20.

Anyhow the nitrogen remote has an adjuster (rebound?) and the bottom of the shock body has an adjuster (preload?). I've been playing around with them by starting both off in the middle of their range and going one click either way to see if I feel a difference. But I'm not having much luck getting a setting that feels right. Any advise on where to set them for mostly street riding with occasional trail time? Also I think the stock original spring MIGHT be a tad soft. I'm probably @ 240 lbs with gear and backpack on so should I have the spring spanners adjusted all the way down OR replace it with a new HD spring? If so, I looked on the TT parts store and there are no listings for springs to fit my year model. Where could I get one from if needed?

Sorry it's long........

I would ask this in the XR600 forum. here's mainly MX suspension talk...

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