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jetting and ap mod questions 07

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Ok SO I bought an 07 awhile back in terrable shape so i striped it ALL THE WAY DOWN cleaned and replaced everything SO 700 $LATER in cosmetic and maitnance parts, I am in the last steps putting it back together , I read all the ap mod threads i could find , bought a 90 leak jet , and finally took the carb apart yesterday , what I found for jetting was a 180 main, a pilot jet 42 and another jet 72 and leak jet 50 ,and the air screw at 2 turns ,i did not ride the bike to any extent before i toar it down , but it did pop alot when wicking the throttle on decel So my question is the bike only has a carbon white bros full pipe which has a short pipe and a long muffler with a large bigger then silver dollar size exit, and a uni air filter with the screen still in it, does this jetting sound good? and how do the two other jets 42/72 work together? and finally the diaphram was a short one already ,and i found there wasen't a reason to oring or wire the drum together because it followed the stroke from closed to open staying in contact the whole way,

Any guidence you can give will be much appreicated

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