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2002 EG'ed 295 Race Gas Head

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Ok, I have 2002 that I had EG punch out to a 295 with the race fuel option. What is the min requirement Octane for this, if nobody knows, I will just call EG, but I hoped I would not have to bug him.

I was running a 50/50 mix of 100/92 and had some bad pinging/det with the stator turned all the way counter clock wise. Ran straight 100 octane and the pining is all but gone. Do I need to run like 110 or something to get rid of it all together.

I have not re-jetted yet though. Is that a possible cause of the ping.

The bike is a blast to drive and pulls like a mother ****er!! I love it, I am coming off of a 144 and thought it would be to much, but god I am loving this bike!!

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