79 YZ400 Spokes?

Does anyone happen to know the specs for 79 yz400 spokes? I bought a set off of ebay a while back and they just don't seem quite right. They seem a little long. I would like to make another go at it but I would like to know that I am getting the right ones this time.

vague memory here but I believe the 79 yz 400 spokes where there own animal...... I remember that it took 4 kits... inner outer left and right side all starting with that 2x5 code.......if they are bent correclty at the hub end and have enough thread to tighten up the spokes just grind off the excess so you can't get a spoke flat.......I think it is Buchanans that will actually make you custom spoke sets if you have the cash time and no ther options

They seem to line up ok. They are just too long and so the threaded area is too short. Would it be a bad idea to run a die down each one?

I would try it since I am not particularly fast enough to stress alot on my bike.......just make sure the tap is nice and sharp so it cuts the threads clean ..........

I mean die

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