Biggest rear sprocket?

What is the biggest rear sprocket that can be fitted to a 2009 WR 450 F with the chaingaurd on.

My manuel shows a 52 max anyone fitted bigger?

My front is a 13 can a 12 be fitted safely ?

Out of curiosity, why are you going to such low gearing? I still run stock gearing and can't answer your question.

i've run 52, can't see there being an issue with 53, was plenty of room. You can also drop a tooth up front to 12/50 giving you the same gearing as 13/54.

So putting a 12 tooth on the front wont chow the swingarm?

So putting a 12 tooth on the front wont chow the swingarm?


I run a 52 when I go to Moab with the bike and have had no issues. I don't think a 53 will fit as the 52 is pretty tight. You might also need a longer chain with larger than a 52 rear,

Any bigger and you might have issues with the chain guide :thumbsup:

Ok looks like a 52 rear max and and a 13 front.

I run a Renthal 54 tooth on my 07' but had to go with a TM Designs chain guide, which in my opinion is a step above the bendable stock unit. As to the low gearing, the rock infested, vertical ledge trails around here make the lower gearing desirable. It's nice to have that low first gear at times and I'm getting old so don't have the "need or the speed' I once had. :thumbsup:

Ok, thanks for the info . I ride a lot of rocky terrain and need a slower 1 st gear .

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