on/off road air pressures

I have a 2008 Ktm 450 xcf. What pressure are you guys running for on/off road riding?

All my dirt bikes I ran about 10rear and 12 front for florida sand. I rode my KTM for the first time yesterday and front end felt like it was floating in the trails. Went back to the house and the dealer had the rear at 26psi and front at 22. They are the stock tires

I run my G450X around 14 offroad. I go up to about 18 if I'm going to be on the gravel or asphalt for a while.

I run 15-18 on the trails, rocks are a bigger hazard than loss of traction where I ride, lower than that and I'm bending rims.

On the road I go 24-26.

For dual sporting the EXC I run 14 psi - front and rear. One rim lock on the front, two on the rear. HD tubes.

thanks guys, cant wait to get the pressure right and try the trails again on the bike.

How does the high pressure usually effect the bike in sand and trails? Been researching and some say it makes it dig in and some say it makes the bike float and ride on top of the sand.

Need to check the clickers on the suspension to make sure they are al dialed in to stock and not some crazy setting from the dealer. Had one bike where they were all different on front from a dealer, I was like *** till I figured it out

Why not just carry a small bicycle air pump with you, air down when you get to the trails and pump 'em back up to a higher pressure when you get back to the asphalt?

if you are not running high speed or long duration on pavement you can run the low pressure, but be careful. get some co2 cartridges and a small air gauge.

On my XR650R I run 15 front- Scorpion Pro and 15 rear- Dunlop D606 for both street and off road.

If I go long distances and put the wife on back or real rocky areas, I air them up to 20-23.

12-15psi on MT21 front/D606 rear on my 525.

Air up to 20-25 on the street.

thanks, the concensus seems to be the same for street/dirt. Ive never done any real enduro and always had dirtbikes and ran 10/12 for the tires.

not that these are going to last too long if i did road riding anyway. M402 Bridgestones and M59

25 psi on the street, 12 to 15 in dirt for me.

DRZ with dunlop 606s front and back.

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