complete list of 05' YZ250 torque specs?

I have searched past threads and haven't really found a solid set of torque specs for my bike i found two different specs for the head, linkage etc.. anyways does anybody know a good link to something like this or just know them all i don't have a manual and i was hoping to get my bike back together this weekend. I replaced every chassis bearing and tore down the engine to check the top end while my frame was at the powdercoater. I really want to get it back together factory tight for once. Thanks guys!

Even if you just knew the head studs/stem/all linkage/and swingarm that would allow me to get started.

Just download a free PDF has all the torque specs.

where do i find one? i looked all over yamaha's site?

Free Online Manuals

The one in the FAQ isn't working for some reason, so here's another

I just posted it but the forum is censoring it for some reason.

There is one in the FAQ section but it's not working.

Do a google on "yamaha manual au" and it's the first response.

2005 YZ 250

steering stem nut / 105 foot lbs

swingarm nut / 61 lbs

linkage bolts all / 58 lbs

upper and lower shock nuts / 38 lbs

cylinder head nuts / 18 lbs

upper fork pinch bolt / 17 lbs

lower fork pinch bolt / 14 lbs

front axle / 75 lbs

rear axle / 90 lbs

Hope this helps / right from 2005 YZ manual OEM

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perfect, thanks guys both very helpful, by chance do any of you know of any other places then mettex to pick up a complete engine hardware kit? most of my engine bolts are worn and rusty i would like to replace them with better grade bolts & nuts, but I'm in college I cant afford an $800 titanium hardware pack. nor do i see that as an option short of a factory backed bike lol

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