Which KDX to buy?

i'd go for the 2nd one (the 200). it has an FMF pipe and silencer and it's cheaper.

id go the 1st one because it looks like its in better condition. and you can always try drop the money down at least $100-$200.

but i dont think it says the Year model of the 1st one ??

i'd probably get the first one. it's super new compared to the 2nd one. look at the 2nd ones frame guards. they're worn pretty good. coupled with the setup would indicate that a serious rider probably owns it. compare that to some guys daughter that put maybe 1000 miles on the bike. screw the bling go for the least used of the 2.

The first one is a better bike, but those bikes seriously need that fmf pipe and silencer. You should basically add that into the buying price of the first one. Even with that added in you will be better off with the first one as the 2nd one will likely nickle and dime you in short time with wear parts that are going bad.

I agree, I would buy the 220. However, I am curious why they didnt list the year. As mentioned, you would need a new pipe. My KDX220 has a FMF Gnarly and it is much better than stock. If you are interested in KDX's, do yourself a favor and go to Canadian Daves KDX forum, located on dirtrider.net.

KDX 200 is the better bike to get,bigger carb,better over rev,more sought after model. The 220 also had stock piston issues.Just have to get rid of that ugly ass tank.

You'll save money on the bike that already has upgrades, performance wise. But you'd start with a clean slate on the low mileage stocker. Sort of a tough call.

Call Jeff Fredette and get schooled on 200 v 220!

I wouldn't buy either of these. There's nothing special about either. What you want is one with a license plate. There are a few out there and I saw two near you a few years ago go for less that $2K each. Both were like new and it was a husband and wife deal that rarely got used. I think it came with an enclosed trailer for like $4800.

I bought a basket case plated 200 two years ago for $300. You get that plate and a bigger tank and that bike will crawl all over the Sierra. I've ridden the heck out of mine everywhere: dunes, creeks, mountains, Baja, single track, snow; it's unstoppable and a great pairing with my XR650R.

Hold out; better deals are on the way.

It's a great bike. You will love it. Best balanced bike I've ever ridden. And it's just a great technical bike that will take you anywhere.

There was nothing wrong with the stock piston on the 220...that is an overblown urban myth. Hmm..probably started by some Wiseco salesman.

I never had a problem w mine I had an a 2000 220 maybe I put 2000 miles on it.Im sorry I sold it and when I found out it was going overseas to Poland it kind of pissed me off knowing it was 1 less 2 smoke in the USA.

get the 220, it looks to be used less and that is more important than an fmf pipe

There was nothing wrong with the stock piston on the 220...that is an overblown urban myth. Hmm..probably started by some Wiseco salesman.

You play russian roulette with a stock 220 piston.

Mine came with a fresh top AND bottom end thanks to a failed stocker. Your chances are 50/50. :thumbsup:

Where did your 50/50 statistic come from?

Where did your 50/50 statistic come from?

You must have or had a 220 judging by your comments.

There was nothing wrong with the stock piston on the 220...that is an overblown urban myth. Hmm..probably started by some Wiseco salesman.

If you don't know what you're talking about, please don't talk about it.

I definitely lean to the 200. It's a faster bike. I like the oversized tank as well, and it already has the pipe upgraded. If you could get him down around 1300/1400 that would be a great deal.

how will the kdx do on single jumps if i spring the forks for my weight? nothing crazy like doubles or triples, just small to medium size singles.

i'm debating between the kdx200, ktm 200 and the yz250f .... im leaning towards kdx just want to make sure it can handle some jumps on a intermediate level track.

Where did your 50/50 statistic come from?

From planet earth. 50/50 means it will or it won't. Flip a coin. Duh....

Ok...lets see some evidence of a 50/50 chance of a prematurely blown piston on a KDX220. Instead of everybody jumping on the bandwagon, lets see some facts...maybe my opinion can be changed. And, yes, I own a KDX220..no issues.


Last time I checked, we are free to share opinions on this site. I believe in my opinion just as you believe in yours, so there is no need to talk down to my opinion. As a KDX owner, I can state my opinion...its based on my personal experiences.

Rebelyell above has 2000 miles on his stock piston, so apparently, Im not the only one that shares my opinion.

Here is a quote from Dirtrider.net...there are others just like it.

I do not fit your request for someone who has had piston failure but here is my opinion anyway. Piston skirts breaking off and falling into bottom end is nothing new with 2-strokes.This has been happening to every brand and every make of 2-stroke that is not maintained properly. When the piston gets too loose and sloppy in the cylinder then the piston does not just go up and down anymore but will start rocking back and forth. We call this piston slap. This is very bad and will eventually cause piston skirt to break off. The situation with KDX hardened cylinder walls is that now the cylinder will have negligible wear and essentially all the wear is on the piston front and back surfaces. Before hardened cylinders 2-stroke riders routinely bored out barrels and replaced pistons regularly. Now top ends will go much longer but too many riders postpone top end maintenance thinking they will last nearly forever..

I am now on my 4th KDX. I had 3 200s and now a 220. I also have several friends with KDXs so we have many years of combined experience. The most common top end problem is with sticking KIPS valves and resulting stripping of plastic gear teeth. The KIPS valves need to be removed and cleaned every year. While doing this work the piston needs to me checked with micrometer and if any substantial wear the piston needs to be replaced. The piston rings need to be replaced regardless of condition of piston. Fresh rings will greatly extend the life of any piston.

I do not buy into the paranoia about faulty KDX220 stock pistons at all. I do buy into the occaisional situation of excess piston wear with no maintenance and resulting piston breakage. Although nothing new and certainly no epidemic the internet allows us all the opportunity to spread whatever message we choose. Since stories get blown all out of proportion the readers need to be very selective with amount of crap we are willing to swallow.

So, if you are going to challenge my statement, I suggest somebody find some hard facts. Facts arent opinion...for every anti 220 stock piston opinion you all can find, I can find a "pro" comment. Anyone?

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