Getting some time off. Want to ride?

I am in Southern CO and am getting a week off and want to ride some new stuff. Anybody want to show me some trails in Utah, NM, WY somewhere within a 8 hr drive? Moab sounds cool. I just love to ride like most of you. I dont whine and I can hold my own. It will probably be the week of Aug 25th

Thanks Josh

Guess Ill just play with myself like usual.

Sorry, gotta work. But... where in southern Co. are you? Check out Some of us are working the RMEC Avalanche Enduro near Ignacio this weekend. I think there is a club ride scheduled for Labor Day weekend in the Taylor Park area. SJTR's is a great way to learn some new trails. We have held club rides at Taylor Park and South Fork in the past, as well as some awsome rides in Utah. How does 80-100 miles from Moab to Green River sound, spend the night, then get up and ride a different route back the next day? Incredible single track, slick rock, and sand washes. And with a sag wagon for gas and grub to boot. Or maybe 2-3 days riding loops at the San Rafael Swell or White Wash. Just some examples of rides from the past couple years. We would like to count you among us(any of you). Numbers count when working to keep riding areas open. We are based in Durango. :)

I rode taylor park last weekend. Im only 1 hr from there an 30 miles to south fork. I live in the san luis valley. Those rides sound good to me. We usually ride between 100-130 miles a day but thats not a multiday ride. Thats what I want to do this week. Ill check that site out. Thanks Josh

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