2004 CRF250X Dies when I give it gas

Pick up a 2004 dirt cheap that was hard starting, adjusted valves and it started easly, cleaned carb with carb cleaner, did the recommended JD jet kit(just like I did on my 2006 CRF2450X), AP mod, airbox mod and opened stock exhaust. Fuel screw 2 turns out. Bike starts easy, idles nice but when I try to give it gas, it dies. If I pull choke about 1/2 open and feather the throttle I can get it to rev and then it runs good takes full throttle and has no bog. I have ridden for 2 hours and it runs and starts great but shut it off for over ten minutes, and start it, it starts fine but have to go thru the same rotuine to get it to take throttle.

Went up to a 48 pilot with no effect, tried the fuel screw from 0 to 3 out, at 1/4 increments, no effect. Fresh gas, new, clean, oiled air filter. Let it warm up for 2 minutes or 10 minutes no difference. At 600ft elevation. Ideas please

Have you checked that the AP is 'actually' squirting fuel?

My 250x has a 42 pilot

What clip position is the needle at? It might need to be lower down the needle

Running a 42 pilot, 150 main, clip in 5th position, I have everything set exactly like my 06 CRF250X(which runs perfect), valves are spec, may have to switch the carbs to eliminate the carb as a culprit.

Call JD, he is a really nice guy and will be eager to help you out with his kit.

Took the tank off and cleaned with carb cleaner, found nothing, took float bowl off and found brown stuff floating, took the drain screw out and found the orgin of the brown goo, around the oring someone used somthing to lub or seal oring and it had turned to goo and was comming up and glogging main and probably parcel pilot, cleaned it out recleaned the carb and went riding.

Starts, runs, rips. Nice to find a cause of an effect.

Good news:banana:

It is amazing some PO surprises you find on used bikes.

My fave was an RMZ450 I picked up where the PO had JB Welded part of the crankcase where the kickstart idler gear dowel goes in. No idea how he broke it off there in the first place but he did manage to keep it together long enough to fool me into buying it. I had to replace cases to right the ship.

I think it is great you got a no cost fix.

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