Deal? 1980 YZ 250

I found a 1980 YZ 250 for $600. Looks to be in decent shape. Guys says it fires up and runs great but after sitting a week or so has to be push started. That sounds funny but it's old so I assume it all needs a rebuild.

I'm asking for more pics and info as the guy lives just under an hour away. I'm thinking of offering $400. Not sure if I'll ride / race it or clean it up and re-sell it.

What are your thoughts? Good value?


The push start issue might be as simple as the spark plug needs to be replaced/regapped. But it's probably not that simple and I'd expect to give the carb a good scrubbing.

It looks nice enough in the photos to check out, $600 seems like a fair price, so does $400 since the market has taken a dump.

You will not make any money on it. In fact, you might have a hard time selling it. At least that's how it is in my area. I'm seeing more and more really awesome condition machines going for peanuts and still not selling (because I only have so much space and so much money)

go for it! you only live once hahaha

go for it!!! if it runs it would be perfect for vintage racing!!! (you wouldn't have to build a bike from scratch more-or-less)

I would have already bought it and put it in a "look what I got" thread. They are hard to find for less than $800 and I have been looking for a coulple years. They 81 was a one year only bike. It seems like the guy doesn't know what he has.

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