GoPro Camera at 3 Palms

Check out my video of me riding at 3 palms in Conroe, TX. This was my first time back on the track in 3 years! Enjoy!

The must have been much later in the day, looks soo dry. We need rain in Houston BAD!! Took me a second to recognize the woods track in the beginning. 3Palms is awesome.

Sweet Track and nice riding!

You may need to point the camera up a little. Really hard to see jumps coming until your already on them. :thumbsup:

@PhillyMac - yeah its hard to set the height of the camera because there's no LCD screen for playback to check it, so it's just trial and error lol. But thanks for the compliment!!!

Hate it when a kid on an 80 passes me.......No DOUBLES?????????

@hoff - that kid was on a 125 and believe me he was super fast. I know I'm not the fastest and don't claim to be, but that kid was unreal. But yeah the doubles there aren't that crazy, but I'm still nursing a broken collar bone (3 weeks after the break) so I'm not trying to go balls to the wall just yet.

Sick Video ride on

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