Possible problem with suspension spring rate/dampening and rebound

I have a 2010 YZ250F and I'm having trouble clearing all the jumps at my local track, but feel like I'm carrying enough speed around the corners etc to be easily clearing them. Some specs on me and the bike: I'm 6' 200lbs and the only mods Ive done to the bike are new pipe and header (FMF Powercore II) and the jets redone to meet the needs of the pipe and header. My sag is set correctly @ 105mm.

My question is do I need to go with an upgraded suspension spring rate in both the shock and forks or just adjust the rebound dampening etc on the suspension, because I feel like i'm not getting enough "pop" off of the jumps and i'm coming up short. Maybe have more rebound?



bret what's your free sag number

@MOG - I don't remember the exact number since i set it a long time ago, but i do know its within the acceptable range. ill get the exact number later tonight.

Here's a link to a video of me riding using the GoPro Helmet cam. Maybe you could be able to tell if my technique is wrong?

I've watched your video and tried my best to listen to the motor over the music. It seems to me you lack the necessary power to clear the jumps clean, especially coming out of corners, because either you're in too high of a gear, not fanning the clutch to keep the RPM's up in the power range, or both.

At 200#'s on a 250F you need to rev that bike out close to the limiter especially in the corners. The max power of a 250F is way up in the RPM's. You're ridding it more like a 450F trying to lug it in the corners. That just wont work consistently on a 250F.

Hope that helps. Good video, btw...track looks like fun!

@slodog - I can see what you're saying about the lack of power. I'll try to carry more speed through the corners and stay in a lower gear and see if that helps. Thanks for takign the time to look at my video and offer advice!

not talking about jumping in particular but you have the wrong riding technique as slodog already mentioned.

Gary Semics would say: riding wfo or braking, there's nothing between it - ok perhaps he wouldn't use exactly those words but i think you got it.

Esp. in front of corners you are cruising very, very much.

Maybe you should link this video (would be better without the music to hear the motor) to the MX Riding Techniques department.

here's another video without music. Sorry i meant to post that one the first time but copied the wrong video link

After reading your initial post and watching your video again (that thing's so cool) you could carry more speed in the corners, but may need to consider a stiffer rear spring.

Adding more rebound to the shock will make the rear unload slower giving you less "pop"

If I feel that I'm dragging the rear over the face of a jump to slowly such that it shortens my landing, the most likely cause it too much rebound. I will correct that by decreasing rebound damping(CCW), finding a compromise so as it's not so much that the bike bucks in tricky rhythms or has difficulty settling down entering turns with significant braking bumps before the apex.

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