Air filter

Hi, i'm just wonderin whether i'm oiling my air filter correctly. Because what I do now is after i've cleaned it and let it dry I just dunk it in a bucket full of filter oil, spread it all around the filter, then squeeze as much as possible back out of it. But then after it's dryed there still looks like there is a lot of oil still in it. Is this how it's supposed to be?? Its a no toil pre oiled filter btw and when its new it looks only very lightly oiled but when I do it, it looks very,very oily. Am I doing something wrong?? Thanks all.:thumbsup:

what oil are you using to re-oil it..

basicly what I do is I run no-toil oil and poke a small hole into the foil seal. THis will allow me to squirt it onto the filter controbably. kindof like putting carmal onto ice cream. Ill go around the outside and a little on the inside then squeze it into the filter..

dunking the filter into that much oil is a waste of time and will over saturate the filter to the point where you probably will never get all the exxcess out..

I use no toil cleaner and oil. Thanks anyway it looked like i'd been doing it wrong. How much oil would you say is best to use on it each time??

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