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First time suspension help

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Hey guys I have a few newb questions for you. I have never opened up a set of forks or a shock, but it's about time.

I have a 2000 yz250, new to me.

I was at the track the other day and my fork seal started leaking. So I pulled the wiper and cleaned around the seal with a business card. Leak stopped.

When I got home I decided to pull the caps and see how different the oil levels were between the two shocks.

So I took the front wheel off, took the fork caps off, pulled the springs out and compressed the inner tubes. Measured the oil level with my calipers and there is about a 2 inch difference between the two sides. Also I tried to read the marks on the fork springs to determine what spring rate was in there. But the ends are so scratched up, I can not find any identification marks.

So I have decided to pull everything apart, replace what needs it and put in some new fork fluid. I am wondering if you guys have any suggestions or tools I will need before I tear into it? Also any good how to's or videos?

Also my rear shock bottom out bumper is destroyed. I have read the clevis can not be removed, so I figure while I'm in the shocks I attempt to tackle the rear shock as well. Again, same questions as the forks, any special tools I need? Any good how to's?

Also for some tuning advice. I weight 158 w/o gear, novice mx rider. What oil for front and back? What oil level?

Any advice for the procedure or tips to tune my internals while everything is apart would be great!

Thanks for any help,


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Forks are not to big of an issue, the rear shock would be best left to a professional. For the rear you will need to be able to recharge the nitrogen and you must completely bleed all the air from the shock. And yes the clevis can be removed but not with out losing the oil and having the rebound needle shoot out at you if the shock still has nitrogen.

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