Paint my Yosh RS2 Black?

Has anyone ever painted the muffler black? I know there are high temp paints, for automobiles and ovens, but after research I have read that some melt away shortly looking horrible. I am curious to see if anyone has tried this before? If so, what is the recommended paint to use, and how does the finish look? Thank you in advance.

I saw one guy painted his black with oven paint but after some time it didn't look so good...I was thinking about painting my exhaust black also.I was thinking about using engine paint but I'm to lazy to take apart the exhaust to do it & besides if it doesn't come out right i'll be pissed off..

But with any paintjob on any surface the key to it is the prep so if you plan on doing it take the extra time to prep the surface...I don't know if they make a high temp/engine paint primer but if they do I'd definetly use if before painting on raw metal.

Engine paint would not cut it. The pipe would be hard to keep painted. The muffler might be easier cause it wont get quire as hot. But I would not guarantee that.

The factory exhaust is painted black. Look at how well it holds up. Not very good on the header...but pretty fair on the muffler.

I used bbq spray on my kids xr75. so far so good and that was last summer. Header and muff.

Thank you very much for the input guys. Ryan426 do you happen to have a photo of the xr75? I am just afraid the finish would look bad, but if it is a smooth flat black look, I would be game. I have a couple scratches on the muffler I would love to cover up, and I want my bike black as possible :thumbsup:

I wonder how much a shop would charge to powder coat just the sleeve. It might be more pricey then spray paint but it would look better hold up better and is tons cheaper then doing the whole pipe.

I will look into that, thank you. I just want the muffler done, the pipes can stay the way they look now.

As far as powdercoating, I had some wheels powdercoated black for about $150.00 a few years back. I would imagine an exhaust would be cheaper. There was a company called Jetcoat that specialized in exhaust powdercoating, wraps, etc. Not sure if they're still around, though.

I just pulled apart my RS-2 to cut it down and paint it. I was going to PC it but after some practice I realized successfully PC'ing aluminum is outta my league...very tough and you need the right prep work and powder that will "breath" during curing. That is a whole different story though.

On this "muff" the caps are SS and the sleeve is aluminum. I polished the caps and painted the sleeve (after a good 220 grit sanding to get grip) and after curing it in the oven it is VERY tough. Very happy with it. I have found the wrinkle finish to be pretty cool and is also kind of forgiving on the tiny mishaps. You can hit it with a hammer if you wanted to it will not chip. Believe me, it's only my opinion but I am god and I am right and everyone else is wrong.





I used flat black BBQ paint with very good results on my old porshe 944's exhaust.

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