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Yamaha Blaster problems driving me crazy

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Well i have been working on a beat blaster, i couldnt tell you the year but it ran good before the top end failed, clutch and all. We put a used piston, but with compression in the motor and it was hard to start. We opened the stator and cleaned it a little and got the spark plug to spark some times. We figured all she needed was to be ran, we caught it in gear second try. After that she kicks right over.

The problem at hand:

- in neutral it runs fine

- then in gear it runs fine for a minute then the spark seems to die and it will slow to a creep and dies

- then it kicks right over

- but it will only start when giving it gas

Other problems:

- the clutch does not engage, but i do not think that has anything to do with the motor acting funny

Any ideas would be appreciated because we dug ourselves a hole with this one.

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