08 CRF 450 vs 09 KX450F

Hey guys. Just a bit stumped between the two. Have had an 04 and 05 CRF 450, and a few 02 KX 250 two strokes.

Just wondering what I should take?

08 CRF 450 with about 13 hours, SSS suspension, full hindle exhaust, pretty mint bike

or an 09 KX450F with 70 hours, been raced hard but maintained, new plastics, suspension has been done, Yosh pipe. Brand new piston, rings, and cam chain.

Experienced rider, lots of track riding with friends and alot of pit riding.

Any problems common to either of the two?

Thanks alot.

They are both terrific bikes.

I just really like the new fuel injection system. The throttle response on the KX is unreal but they are both rediculously powerful in the motor department.

FI is crazy expensive to fix if you have any problems with it.

Honda may have valve issues.

KX450F may have clutch issues.

I like the Kawi better between these two options but as for your used bike options I'd go with condition and price and feel when you take them for test rides.

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