Tomac on team orders


I know the riders are on different support teams and no real team orders were in play, and I would only want all the riders to give it their best out there, but it is absolutely a fact that Seely cost Honda the 250 SX title. Broc Tickle is a great rider, but he was not going to catch Tomac on his own. Honda management should be pissed about this outcome.

I've watched the race 3 times, one time being in the stadium, and I don't see what Seely did to impede Tomac's progress. Cunningham no doubt block passed and banged bars with him, but the only things Seely did was jump the triple once when Tomac doubled it, and then he took the inside once on the big sweeper when Tomac took the outside, both times he passed Tomac, but he never made an agressive pass/block passed him, he never even got close to him. In fact, Seely tried to block pass Tickle on the last lap before the last rhythm section, which screwed up his momentum and allowed Tomac to get past him for 4th. Seely did nothing wrong, unless you want him to pull a Hansen and just float back into the pack. Cunningham, well you have a case there, he played agressive.

team orders?? ya they said you better win!

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