Jetting Recommendations

I need some help with jetting recommendations on a 2008 Polaris Outlaw 525 with HMF Slip-on and CFM Airbox w/ Uni Filter. I have the JD jetting kit and have tried may combos. I am at 1500' and its around 65-75 atm I know I need to use the red needle but what clip, what jet size, how many turns out on the fuel screw, on the air screw, and should I not use the leak jet? I have it installed with the big o ring with red needle at # 3 clip position and a 160 main jet I've so far tried quite a few combos and all seem to be making it cut on right near WOT.

Any help would be appriciated.


I currently have a 170 main with red needle at the 5th position, it still bogs at WOT I think I know why after reading many forums I now know I need to put the stock leak jet back in because that is whats messing it up.

Well did that and it still didn't fix it, I'm going to put a 165 in and hopefully that will fix everything. This jetting issue is a nightmare I swear I've tried every combo imaginable and it still doesn't run right. Hmm maybe if I go up on the needle to like 2 it will restrict the 165 jet enough to not cut out at WOT because I think its getting too much fuel still.

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