i have an 06 kx 450 and blew out the seals jumping it. i was wondering if i should just replace them and stiffen up the suspension to prevent this from happening again or should i get a pro suspension setup?

That's kind of hard to answer.

1) You need to replace the seals regardless of what you do to the suspension.

2) Just "stiffening up" the suspension won't necessarily improve the ride or prevent the problem from happening again. In fact, it can be downright dangerous to you if you just stiffen it up without taking other proper adjustments (like sag) into consideration.

That said, start with a) setting the static and race sag for your weight and install the correct springs if you need to. That will get you about 90-percent of the way to a great riding bike. Then, :confused: adjust the clickers until the bike rides as good as you can get it. That's good enough for most average riders and you don't need a pro shop (other than springs) to get you there. Remember to bleed the forks of air before each ride.

After that, post what the bike is doing that you don't like and someone can help you further tune it, or maybe it would be time to get a "pro" setup done. If you don't want to put in the time yourself, then by all means, a pro shop like FC, RT, Enzo, etc. can save you a bunch of time getting your bike dialed-in. :thumbsup:

You probably 'blew out the seals' because the fork bushings, seals, and oil, are worn out.

You probably 'blew out the seals' because the fork bushings, seals, and oil, are worn out.

im with him on this one..

Send it to RG3 and get the Smart Valves. You won't be sorry.

Consider some decent used forks. 08 or later. I'd be weary of sinking any money into forks that have not been looked after. There are too many parts and surfaces in them which wear out when the oil is not changed often enough. Especially spending money 06 forks which are not good stock even when new.

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