Ok, got the Z running, wont idle right...

So I installed the Ricky Stator and it fired right up. However, the bike will not idle right. The bike will not drop back to idle after it has been revved up. Sets at around 2K (guessing since dont have a tach). So I backed the idle screw out some and the bike would drop to idle. But only idle for a few seconds then die. If I back the screw out far enough that the bike does not hang at high rpm, it just dies when you let off the throttle. If I screw in the idle screw enough so that it does not die, it wont idle down for a very long time, and eventually when it does, it only runs for a few seconds.

I have the A/F screw set on the factory 1 1/2 turns out. The bike has no mods. Any thoughts on what could be going on? What sucks is I cant adjust the A/F screw any while its on the bike. I have also moved the Needle from the 5th slot from the top up to the 3rd (which is what the manual says) and it makes no difference. Thoughts???

the needle need to be in the 5th clip from the flat end.

open the fuel screw to 2.5 turns.

Thanks Eddie.

I did what you recommended and it seems to idle a little better. Still takes about 10 seconds to drop to idle, then when it does, it will idle for about 10-15 seconds then stall out. I am about to give up on this thing. LOL. I sprayed starting fluid all around the carb boots while holding it at a steady RPM, and it did not accelerate so I don't think its a vacuum issue.

plugged up pilot jet or passages in the carb.

I'll have to check it again, but I swear that things is clear. I have Blown air through it, along with cleaner. Does not seemed clogged but I must be missing something. I even ran a narrow piece of wire down the center of it. Maybe one of the small holes on the side is clogged. But it all looks good to me.

Try fooling with your cable adjustment up by The bars.I think I need a new throttle cable because my throttle has to have wayyyy to much slack for my idle not to hang as my bike bas the same issue.sometimes it willbe idling fine at 1850rpms then all of sudden WHAM!! You can here my slide slam shut.pita

did you have the slide out of the carb?

Yes I have had the slide out multiple times. As far as the cables go, I have wathced the throttle on the carb. I have manually reached down and made sure that the throttle was completely closed.

slide plate goes square end down.

I believe that is how I have it. The pointed end is facing up. Really The only way the little wheels on the throttle arm will go in the top of the slide.

the plate is seperate and can installed upside down. the slide it self holds the wheels and cannot be installed upside down.

I think I have confused you. The image below is the micro of the carb. I have the plate installed opposite of what the image shows. In an earlier thread


I asked ya about it and you said that the diagram has it backwards. If that is the case, I have it in correct. I have the end that comes to a point almost like and arrow head, facing up. I could not get the wheels on the "Link Arm" ( part number 14) to go on the slide itself with the plate on the opposite way.


yes,the picture is wrong.

Ok so I have it in correct. Who knows. I'm just gonna sell the thing. LOL. I mean it runs great and all, will idle for a few seconds. Other than that, it seems good. I wish it was something as simple as the plate being upside down.

the coast enrichener still installed?

No sir, I have done the removal mod on that. The two ports on the carb are tied together with a piece of hose, and the port on the head is capped with a vacuum port cap.

well,if it ran fine before the bike was sitting while being repaired i would go back looking for a partially plugged passage.

Thats the issue. It has never idled for me. Not since I have owned it. I guess I have overlooked a clogged passage or something. I tell ya. LOL. Thanks for the help man.

make sure the slide plate isnt missing any chunks.

Will do...Could the o ring be wore out on the slide plate cause this. Wonder if that is a possibility.

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