Looking at CRF450 FI

Im looking in to buying an 11 CRF450, if i buy one im planning on putting a dr d exhaust on, my question is if i put this pipe on would i need to remap it? I am a motocross supercross guy only and race probably 3 out of 4 weekends a month, im a front of the pack guy in the junior class but a mid pack intermediate. thanks in advance:ride:

the stock muffler is very restrictive and the stock map is set for such. any pipe will need a remap to run properly.

Ive used a power commander for a street bike before, is the programmer you buy for the crf similiar to that and pretty easy to use?

i just read your sticky about your options for the 09 10 and 11, i didnt realize the pc5 worked for the honda dirtbike, that is good to know as i am semi familiar with the power commander

yes,it is the best way to control the fuel. you still need to flash the ecu to make ignition changes however.

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