XR650R in street race, can it win?

I got into a 4 way race on the way to work last month: 3 "sport bikes" (posers) were sizing each other up for a race at the light (this is a 4 lane expressway). Two 600's (ninjas or something) and a newer 1000 Honda. They ignored me (probably laughing). Patiently I waited for the light to turn... Had my 'freeway' front sprocket on at the time. Light turns, I LAUNCHED it hard, kept the front wheel down in 1st, the 600's disapeared instantly. Banged 2nd, my front tire shoots up, still even with the 1000... he looks over at me SHOCKED. Finally 3rd gear, he starts to pull me, slowly. By then we were doing bout 80. So I let off. Next light, the guys on the 600's had their tails between their legs, didn't want to race again. Guy on the 1000 had turned off...

I quit riding to work after that. So I guess the BRP wins in the desert, woods and the street. Anyone else ever beat

'sport bikes' in a race? :)

On a local twisty road (route 211 in sperryville) I passed many, many sportbikers on 1000's and 600's. No one ever passed me. The xr650r, should easily keep up with 600's and 1000's on a drag race up to 70-80mph.

In the twisty stuff, the xr650r is limited by the tires. With 17 inch tires and good rubber, no sportbike can touch a xr on a twisty road if it is very twisty. High speed sweepers the sportbikes are king.

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