DRZ400SM oil filter

for the people that were reading my " waiting to long for bike" thread, I got the bike last monday from nashville and have just over 100 miles on it. starting to look into my options for oil and oil filters and I have decided on either amsoil ( most likely ) or Bel Ray ( I think that is how you spell it) If I cant get amsoil motorcycle oil from my local "Belle Tire" ( a northern tire shop that only uses and sells amsoil) I will use the Bel Ray.

So my questions is; What oil filter do you think I should use for my DRZ400SM? I am not one that is fond of a reusable filter ( K&N.... ) and Im not to worried about the cost on the count of im going to be using oil that cost $10 + per qt.

thanks for all the help :thumbsup:

K&N oil filters are not reusable. I only use suzuki or K&N oil filters. They are about the same price.

i use OEM, K&N and the SS reusable filter :thumbsup: OEM and K&N if I don't have time to clean the SS ones :confused:

oem and hiflo 139 from ebay..

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