E-start blowing fuse

Hey guys, just wondering if you can help me out with my 09 450exc.

Went riding recently and had a crash into a bank of rock which wrecked my most of the left hand side of my bike (radiator, radiator guard, clutch master cylinder amongst things) and now that i've fixed everything up another problem has developed.

The electric start won't work and digging abit deeper i've found that the 10amp fuse near the battery is blowing. When i replace the fuse, the e-start works fine but shortly after the fuse goes again. I've been told to its short circuiting somewhere and i have a feeling its the 'stop' circuit thats blowing the fuse.

When i had the accident, i've knicked the cables on the left hand side of the bike (headlight/indicator switch) and there is one black cable (in a group of 3) which has a small cut, but nothing i would consider too bad. Is this the cause of my fuse blowing problems or should i be looking elsewhere?

Thanks in advance


I've got a similar problem. I think one of the battery cables is knicked. I can replace the fuses and it works great when I test the bike without the seat on. As soon as I put the seat on and move a certain way, it shorts out I guess.

Check your wires guys. Dry the suspected points, add electrical tape to seal it. If problem goes away, use shrink wrap over a high tack glue damaged wire.

kuzman86, I had the exact same problem with my '08. It is definitely a short somewhere. I traced mine to the key tumbler. I was able to by-pass this issue by unplugging the tumbler and firing with the kick start. I also keep a short jumper wire to stick in the wires of the bike side of the tumbler plug when i get tired of kicking, but this will drain the battery if left in. Although i do miss the magic button, id rather spend my $60 on other things. I guess i could wire up a cheep toggle switch somewhere in-line instead....

Hi guys, i figured it out! It took a couple of beers between myself and a few friends.

Long story short, I have installed a steering damper on the bike and the mounting onto the top of the steering head had rubbed through a wire and its was shorting. So i re-insulated the wire, and used a bit of plastic to act as a barrier between the damper mount and wire to prevent it in future.


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