How much does a broken leg or arm cost

So I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to pay for my broken leg. It hurts I really hope its just fractured. How much does it cost if it was out of pocket?

A lot...... it really just depends on your doctor. Let them know you are paying out of pocket, alot of times the prices come down a bit. I'm gonna stir up all kinds of nasty replies here, but dirt biking is not a sport for those without medical insurance. In dirt biking, its not if you hurt yourself, its when. Took me 34 years, but broke my arm and wrist last year. Never went to the ER. I think that break was about $2000 before insurance. If surgery is required, tens of thousands is not unusual.

Thanks for the reply.

depends on how broken and where it happens and what you need and whether you have any assets or credit you have to protect.

my broken leg was poking out through the skin in 2 places, and fixing it involved a plane flight to a hospital with an orthopedic surgeon on call on a holiday, so total costs (mostly covered by insurance) were in the 40k range. Hopefully yours is less severe. If it requires surgery, it will be ridiculously expensive. If not, it might not be too bad.

If you own a house or have significant savings or other assets, insurance is a good thing. If you are young and poor and don't own anything, feel free to get it fixed and just not pay the bills.

Post the X-rays and I wil tell you

No I m ok for now knock on wood, was just joking. I was just looking at insurances and was wondering how much to get insured for but now I see I would probably need the most expensive insurance I can find.... 40000 jeez. If I get hurt once without insurance I'm screwed for life.

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