head pipe leaking

Nope, I always order o rings by the 10 pack from McMaster Carr so I have them ready to go. I have used that in conjunction, but not in lieu of.

I was going to order from McMaster but I didn't know how quick they would show up so I ordered the more expensive oem.

I also read PTFE thread seal tape works well


Been using thread tape for years. Leave your old orings in place and wrap thread tape around and over the orings. Use the required amount, so test fit a couple of times to get it a nice snug fit and go:ride:

Should last 15-20 hours easy.

I would however replace the orings with the new ones when they arrive.:thumbsup:


Not the hylomar - use Permatex RED (high temp) silicone. Let it dry overnight before starting engine.

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