XRL chain-slipper screws.......

This may be another place where allens would've been better than phillips'. Anyway, I just installed a new chain slipper ( old one worn through after 8K ) and I slightly mangled the phillips heads getting them off ( blue loc-tite in there). They went back in pretty well and tight, but I was reluctant to re-loc-tite them in their condition, and would like to get replacements and loc-tite those in. Does anyone know the dimensions of these little screws ?

Any and all input is, as always, very much appreciated.........:thumbsup:

Honda lists them as

Screw pan 5x8,,whatever that means p/n 90115-kv3-700..Dunno how many there are holding the thing on,,the fiche only showed one but I'm sure there's more than that,,at least 3..

take the screws out and take them to your local hardware store and match them up. any good hardware store will have some type of jig with bolt theads and there corresponding sizes to help you figure out what you need. i did and used allen head screws, sorry can't help you on the size. the use of philips head hardware is a bad idea.

5x8 will mean 5mm dia. x 8mm long, at that size they are probably all the same pitch.


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