head light blinks instead of turn signal

so ive got a 2002 plated crf450 with baja designs light kit. everything worked flawlessly when i bought it. the other day i was riding and my big bulky baja designs rear turn signal got blown off by my exhaust so i had only one working turn signal for a week or so. now that i have installed new ones, when i turn my turn signal on, the front and rear do not blink or light up at all. instead the headlight blinks. also my tail light stopped working. all i did is replace the turn signals exactly how the original working ones were installed. could the exposed wire (after my signal blew off) have created a short and messed something up? any help is appreciated, im dying to ride!

Check for loose ground wire, then any pinched wires where blinker was mounted.

Good luck:thumbsup:

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