Txc 450 questions

I am looking at a 2009 txc 450 what are some thin gs to check for on these particular bikes.Also any of you that have one could you share your opions on the bike reliability etc.

I have an 08 TXC250 ... very similar bikes I think as the TXCs did not go EFI till 010 I think... Mine has over 500 hrs and no engine issues ...very few issues at all ... From what I keep reading, the TXC bikes are very fast and very good for trails and can be ridden on tracks also ... know mine is good both places...

Just beware of the condition of this specific bike and you should be OK ...

The bikes like the oil changed often and the air filter clean. Check the valves when you get it and then every 6 months or so. And then you'll end up with a bike like Ray, with 500+ hours!

Bought mine last year (it was a hold over), and love it. Not sure how many hours I have onteh bike but guessing it would be around 200+ and no issues so far.

Great bikes and very solid. A few things to look at / for like the battery retaining system, sprocket bolts, sub frame bolts, etc. but generally a very solid great performing bike.

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