Not bleeding forks = what?

Haven't bled my forks for a few rides and actually like the way it's handling. If I wanted to make an adjustment to get the forks to perform like they haven't been bled would it be compression, preload or a combination of both?

'09 KTM 450 XCW

sounds like you could use some additional fork oil level. If you continue to not bleed the air off from time to time, they can build enough pressure to completely top out the spring.. as in no sag. It would take alot to have em topped out with you on the bike, but i have personally witnessed a crf450 that when you pushed on the front of the bike with the front brake on, it would rebound back with a hard "THUD".. not what you want. Bleed the air off, add some fork oil. Usually 5ml at a time.. easy to do, and WAY easier to ADD some vs. take some out (the ol' measure twice cut once analogy)..


I would say increase the LS comp damping (wind in) and decrease your LS reb damping (wind out).

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